Our skills and services

Mintstone primarily offers web development and technical support services. Although we specialize in WordPress and Nationbuilder websites we’re happy to look at any work on platforms that use open source PHP software, JavaScript & MySQL, including WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

Our aim is to work with small businesses and non-profit organizations to understand their needs and try to deliver solutions that are within their budget, whether it be website development, integration with other business software or technical support. As well as supporting websites we have built ourselves we will also look at supporting existing websites.

What we do

  • Website Development
  • Wordpress Solutions
  • Nationbuilder Solutions
  • System Integration and Migration
  • Technical Support

Why Choose Us

We look offer Companies, small businesses and individuals the following services;

  • New CMS websites for those who need a unique custom design and besoke functionality to handle their business
  • Design capabilities through collaboration with designers to create beautiful unique websites.
  • Nationbuilder Websites for non Profit or political organisations who need grassroots engagement with their users
  • Support for designers or design companies who have the necessary skills to create a website but need extra technical support to add custom functionality or style.
  • Assistance with integrating existing business software or new software.
  • SEO frameworks in place and guidance on good practice.
  • High quality support and services for grassroots businesses who don’t have in house software resources.
  • Migrating websites or data from one platform to another.
  • Assistance when a client's websites is down due to technical issues or a hacking incident, and they need urgent technical support to get them back up and running quickly.
  • Enhancements to an existing web presence to add specific custom functionality or styling.
  • Ecommerce solutions for websites
  • Revamp you current website to give it a fresh look and feel without major rework.
  • Support for web projects that already ongoing but need technical expertise to complete and implement
  • New start up CMS website up and running quickly with a minimal budget.
  • The expertise and technical knowledge to make sure a client's website is robust and secure.