Web Customization and Technical Support

Website Customization

We have the capabilities to take your ideas from concept through to implementation and beyond. We work with talented designers who can provide all the necessary design input to your new website including branding and marketing material if required. We will then turn these designs into a working website and use our technical skills not only to create a website that meets the look and feel to represent you but also to add any functionality to the site that may be beyond the scope of a usual website’s functionality but is necessary to your business.

System Integration and migration

The nature of many small business software systems is a patchwork separate systems. We can help integrate these, along with your web solution, to save your company valuable time and reduce the risk of information being lost or discrepancies in data between systems. Our expertise also extends to helping you migrate your data from one system to another.

Technical Support

We offer technical support not only to clients we build websites for, but to anyone who needs help with an existing website, or requiring technical expertise on a site they are developing to assist them with completion or delivery. We can also help out if you are experiencing any technical issues with your live site, whether software problems or the unfortunately all too common problem of hacking.

What we can do for you

  • Customize your website to meet the design requirements you have
  • Add additional functionality to your website to meet business requirements
  • Help integrate your existing business software with your website
  • Data migration
  • Provide technical support on any aspect of your website development and implementation
  • Provide support and troubleshooting for technical issues you are experiencing with your website.